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What is minification & why do we do it?

Minification is a process of removing unnecessary characters in the website’s coding structures to optimise performance. When we begin to build your website, we use a special WordPress toolset that helps us to be more efficient. Our starting point gives us everything we need to be creative & resourceful without writing a line of code.

“The code is already written, letting us get on with being creative”

Once the site is completed we begin the minification process to remove any unwanted and unused code hanging around in the backend. We do this firstly to optimise your site’s performance and secondly, to clear up the clutter, allowing us to deliver the best website possible.

Compressing images

Every image we upload to your website has been resized and optimised for best quality and loading speeds.

Images that haven’t been compressed can add a large amount of unwanted server space and more importantly, effect loading speeds in a big way. For example, if an image is 5mb and uploaded, it is more than the whole web page should be. By compressing the same image, it can be decreased to a handful of bytes.

This can be especially important for mobile users on a data plan. Browsing a web page with heavy images can use large amounts of data when the data usage need only be small.

We use a great engine called Compress PNG (does .jpg too!) to achieve this.

By Karl Helliwell

Helliwell Design

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